Puritan New England Sermons

With messages from George Whitefield (The Method of Grace), Cotton Mather (Essays to Do Good), and John Winthrop (A Model of Charity).
ISBN 9781935513032

Early 2021.

1 CD. ISBN 9781935513032. List price $9.99.

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Self Reliance

Ralph Waldo Emerson

ISBN 9781935513032

Early 2021.

1 CD. ISBN 9781935513025. List price $9.99.

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The Preparation for Flight 77

Erik Sellin

Erik Sellin

September 2016

1 CD. ISBN 9781935513049. List price $9.99.

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Pee-Wee Harris

Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Generations of youngsters have enjoyed the story of Pee-Wee Harris. Classic CD Books speaks new life into the original novel with a 2010 audio version. "Pee-Wee Harris" is the first of multi-million selling author Percy Keese Fitzhugh’s books to be produced in audio. Fitzhugh was one of the most popular children’s authors of his day (1876-1950). Like the Scouts, his books emphasize adventure, responsibility and service to others, while presenting well-crafted plots marked with humor and innocent fun.

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ISBN 978-1935513117, List price $14.99.

More Early Horror Works

H.P. Lovecraft

Three chilling, unabridged stories from one of America's premiere horror writers: The Picture in the House, The Tomb, and The Alchemist.

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ISBN 978-0976480563.

The Baltimore Years

Edgar Allan Poe

Includes many of the stories and poems believed to be written by Poe during his time in Baltimore, some for the first time on CD.

Listen to Poe's first published work (MS Found in a Bottle), his personal favorite story (Ligeia), and the original version of the story considered so gruesome that Poe himself was compelled to edit it (Berenice). Also includes Morella, Metzengerstein, Lionizing, Mystification, The Coliseum, and more.

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3 CDs. ISBN 978-0976480594. List price $14.99.

Stryper: Loud n' Clear

Dale Erickson, Jesse Sturdevant

This audio book chronicles the entire history of this legendary Christian metal band, from the members' childhoods through their triumphant reunion.

"Hearing this audio book somehow brings up the excitement level of these stories, as they come alive and bring the listener to the edge of their seat."
- Doug Van Pelt, Heaven's Metal

"I was blown away... it had me moment by moment."
- Ken Metcalf, former Stryper keyboardist

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6 CDs. Approximately 6.5 hours. ISBN 978-0976480549.
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4 CDs. Approximately 4.5 hours. ISBN 978-0976480570.

Tom Sawyer, Detective

Mark Twain

Tom and Huck get rescued from spring fever by a serendipitous trip to visit Tom's Uncle Silas. But little did the family know, Tom would be the one to rescue Uncle Silas -- and from much more.

"This audio is filled with the folk humor and storytelling charm that have made Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn so popular for so many decades." - Rick Sheridan, Audiobook News Service

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2 CDs. ISBN 978-0976480518. List price $12.99. | 20 second sample: [mp3]

Tom Sawyer Abroad

Mark Twain

This once-celebrated sequel of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn picks up right where Tom, Huck and Jim's travels along the Mississippi ended. Tom enjoys his status as "Tom Sawyer the Traveler," and hopes to further his reputation. Little did he know how far his desire to stay ahead of his biggest rival would take them this time -- overseas in an eccentric inventor's balloon!

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3 CDs. ISBN 978-0976480501. List price $14.99. | 40 second sample: [mp3]